Conjunction in English grammar

What is a Conjunction:

Conjunctions link words or groups of words to other parts of the sentence and show the relationship between them.

The four basic type of conjunctions are:
a. Coordinating conjunctions
b. Correlative conjunctions
c. Subordinating conjunctions
d. … Read More

Preposition in English Grammar

What is a Preposition?

Definition : Prepositions basically are the connecting words that shows the relationship among words in a sentence.
The prepositions means – that, which is place before.
Nouns, pronouns, gerund phrases, or noun clauses can be
the … Read More

Adverb in English Grammar

what is an adverb?

Adverbs are used to describe an action or state of being in greater detail and can provide a more clear picture of what is happening.
Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs and they answer the … Read More

Verb in English Grammar

Verb Definition:

A Verb is a word that tells about a person or thing in a sentence. Without a verb it’s almost impossible to make a meaningful sentence. A Verb tells us what a person or thing does; What Read More