Noun in English Grammar

Noun Definition:

Noun is a word that is used as the name of a person, place, or thing.

Kinds of Noun:
  1. Common Noun
  2. Proper Noun
  3. Collective Noun
  4. Abstract Noun
  5. Countable Noun
  6. Uncountable Noun

Common Noun : A name given in common to every person or thing oft he same class or kind is called common noun.

Proper Noun : It’s the name of some particular person or place.

Modi is a good speaker and leader.
Dhoni is a great cricket player.

In the above two examples Modi, Dhoni and Cricket are Proper Noun; where as Leader and Player are Common Noun.

Similarly –
Geeta is a Proper Noun, while girl is a Common Noun.
John is a Proper Noun, while boy is a Common Noun.
Delhi is a Proper Noun, while city is a Common Noun.
India is a Proper Noun, while country is a Common Noun.

Collective Noun : It’s the name of a collection of persons or things taken together and called of as a whole.
For example:
Crowd = a collection of people
Army = a collection of soldiers
Team = a collection of members
Family = a collection of your parent, siblings & relatives
Class = a collection of students

Abstract Noun :  It is usually the name of a quality, action, or state.
For example:
Quality — goodness, kindness, whiteness, darkness, hardness, brightness, honesty, wisdom, bravery
Action — laughter, theft, movement, judgement, hatred
State — childhood, boyhood, youth, slavery, sleep, sickness, death, poverty

Abstract Nouns are formed from Adjectives, Verbs & Common Noun:
from Adjectives; as – Kindness from kind; Honesty from honest.
from Verbs – Obedience from obey; Growth from grow.
from Common Nouns – Childhood from child; Slavery from slave.

Countable NounsThese are the names of objects, people, etc. that we can count, Like – dog, book, pen, apple, boy, sister, doctor.

Uncountable NounsThese are the names of things that we cannot count, Like- water, milk, oil, sugar, gold, honesty.
Countable nouns have plural forms while uncountable nouns do not. For example, we say “dogs” but we do not say “waters”.

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